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March 17, 2019

Sports Management Group


The professional sports world is an extremely competitive, highly visible industry where an athlete’s peak earning potential is achieved in a relatively short span of years. As a professional athlete, your income must be fully maximized during your playing years in order to ensure protection of your earning potential over the long term.

To achieve these long and short term objectives, we will negotiate the best personal service contract possible. This will provide you with the financial security that will enable you to concentrate on building your professional career. We recognize that each client’s contract is different and individual attention must be given to each and every client.

We firmly believe that the first and most important step towards proper representation is a successfully negotiated contract.


At SMG we follow a simple idea – maximize the investment opportunities made possible by present day income to secure long-range financial security.

An important part of any representation program is the management team’s ability to provide a broad range of investment options.  SMG’s financial advisors are at their best when analyzing and implementing financial programs tailored to suit your individual needs. They will focus on the areas of financial management, tax and estate planning.

To reach your financial goals, we will provide you with sound recommendations in the areas of tax and legal parameters, long and short term investments, pension plans, profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, and retirement planning. It is paramount that you take an active role in determining your financial goals. Therefore, at SMG, no investment or money management plan will be implemented without your personal input and approval.

Financial strategy and long term planning will achieve financial security for years to come.


We are now seeing more creative endorsement programs throughout the sports industry.  As a result, the movement of athletes into different marketing venues has become more targeted and particular.

Along with a trend of specific exposure for talented athletes in the marketplaces, there has also been an explosion in the avenues which you may choose to profit from. SMG’s job is to explore all of these avenues and help you tap into potential “golden opportunities.”

A professional athlete is talented and often marketable. Consequently, SMG’s marketing emphasis will analyze your endorsement and develop potential marketing and public relations plans. We will examine opportunities for speaking engagements, product endorsements, radio, television and print campaigns.

We will market you as a person, not just someone who excels at a specific sport.


At SMG we consider the post-career aspect of a representation program to be our most important obligation to you.

From the onset of your professional sports career to its conclusion, we will constantly work with you to build a foundation which plans for life beyond your playing years. All that we have presented, in conjunction with many other opportunities still to be explored, will be options and stepping stones for you to actively pursue once you stop playing.

Whether you are interested in continuing your education, working within the corporate world, exploring the entertainment industry or pursuing coaching options, we will support and guide you through the entire decision-making process.

SMG will be there every step of the way to assist you in achieving all of your career goals. This is our pledge to you and we back it up with our reputation.